• 3.5” Color Display
  • An intuitive user interface 
  • Over-the-air data transmission and updatability 
  • E-mail test results directly from the tool
  • Rechargeable Internal Battery
  • Field-Replaceable Cables​
  • Optional integrated printer

Powered by MDX-AI, the MVT handheld battery tester showcases diagnostic capabilities never thought possible in handheld battery testing. MVT makes battery testing lightning fast while delivering professional accuracy.

  • Accurately diagnose discharged batteries in-vehicle, without having to charge them
  • Get instant test results with no user input on most quick lane testing scenarios
  • Accurately diagnose batteries when you can’t see the CCA rating
  • Accurately diagnose batteries when faced with vehicle system noise interruptions

Powered by MDX – AI Diagnostic Technology

The MVT powered by MDX-AI truly is like nothing else:

  • Allows accurate battery testing with little to no user input, removing barriers to proactively diagnosing batteries
  • Provides instant decisions in preventative maintenance testing, reducing time spent testing
  • Enables accurate battery testing despite system noise, enabling battery tests in even the trickiest situations
Weight 0.91 kg
Dimensions 28 × 12.8 × 178 cm
Battery Type




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