Suitable for: Telecommunications, UPS, Utility and Industrial Power Testing


Tests lead-acid batteries that are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 Volt and can test batteries providing power to a load (in service) or not providing power (not in service).

Ultra - Icon - Hardware.psdSOLID HARDWARE

Backlit graphical LCD, integrated infrared data transmitter, removable SD card, interchangeable probe and clamp testing interfaces, and a rechargeable on-board battery pack.

Ultra - Icon - Noise.psdHIGH NOISE IMMUNITY

The enhanced conductance testing methodology enables accurate and repeatable testing in the presence of ultra-high electrical interference.

Ultra - Icon - Multimeter.psdBUILT-IN MULTIMETER

The versatile multi-meter function allows for the measurement of AC & DC voltage and current. Scope mode displays AC ripple current and more.


The CELLTRON™ Ultra software includes an icon-based menu and pre-loaded data on over 200 battery models to expedite testing and record-keeping. Over 250 pre-established reference/benchmark values are stored to assist in the development of battery pass/fail thresholds.

The CELLTRON™ Ultra features a robust acid-resistant, ABS plastic with sure-grip over moulded enclosure that has been drop tested to 1 meter on 6 axis and includes all of the accessories to facilitate fast and safe battery testing.

Voltage Range 1.5 – 20.0 Volts DC
Conductance Range 100 – 19,990 Siemens
Accuracy + 2% across test range
Voltmeter Resolution 5mV
Storage Temperature -4 to 180°F (-20 to 82°C)
Analyzer Dimensions 279mm x 105mm x 80mm
Analyzer Weight 1 Kg
Case Dimensions 485mm x 395mm x 180mm
Shipping Weight 5 Kg


  • CELLTRON™ Ultra battery tester
  • Test probes
  • Test clamps
  • 2 GB memory SD card
  • Rechargeable battery and spare with charger
  • Backpack
  • 32″ lighted probe extenders
  • Belt loop
  • Infrared temperature sensor
  • Portable infrared printer
  • CELLTRAQ™ Express battery asset management software
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FEGRID-0008 Cellttron Ultra Universal Battery Analyzer Brochure.pdf PDF 3.92 MB
FEGRID-0009 Cellttron Ultra Universal Battery Analyzer Datasheet.pdf PDF 2 MB
FEGRID-0034 Digital Amp Clamp Datasheet.pdf PDF 4.04 MB
FEGRID-0045 Conductance Testing Brochure.pdf PDF 1.76 MB
FEGRID-0014 Battery Monitoring Solutions Brochure.pdf PDF 9.16 MB
FEGRID-0017 FE Grid Academy Certified Installer Training Brochure.pdf PDF 13.13 MB


168-641f Celltron Ultra Instruction Manual.pdf PDF 1.48 MB
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