Battery Management Solutions

Hot Wire in conjunction with Midtronics & PulseTech offers the ultimate source for pulse technology, battery maintenance and testing systems

Do you have a Battery project we can help with?

Helping our customers succeed is our only priority. We do this by developing direct relationships with our customers so we can clearly understand and help them overcome their battery management challenges.

Working closely with leading vehicle OEMs, dealers and aftermarket parts and service providers, we’re always creating new ways to:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction levels
  • Effectively Manage Warranty Claims
  • Increase Battery Sales
  • Improve Operational Efficiency

Common business challenges our customers are looking to manage include;

Warranty Management

Looking to reduce unnecessary warranty expense Automotive OEMs and battery manufacturers collectively lose millions of dollars per year in warranty claims. Through better battery management, Hotwire helps companies dramatically reduce unnecessary warranty costs.

Preventative Maintenance

Not just performing battery service, selling it. With the right tools, every service visit is an opportunity to please customers and increase parts and service sales. Midtronics battery testers and electrical system analysers can help you take full advantage of these profitable preventative maintenance opportunities.

Custom Solutions

Cutting costs and Increasing sales Custom solutions approach has driven major advances in warranty management, preventative maintenance programs and other services that deliver a better future for all our customers.

sailing boat

OEM Dealership Service Centres

Workshops and dealerships that require complete diagnostics.
Service and Warranty Management


Truck and Light Commercial workshops

Workshops Heavy and Commercial Vehicles with 12v, 24v pack management requirements.


Indepdendent owners & operators

Independent workshop/owner operators looking to maintain leading solutions in Testing and Charging being used by OEM

boat fleet

Marine and Boating Sales & Service Centres & Boat Owners

Best boat battery testers for preventative maintenance & service diagnostics for boat owners and commercial marine operations.

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