Workshops and OEM Dealerships

Testing for workshops and dealerships that require complete diagnostics.

The Midtronics tester, including the CPX and DSS models, is a diagnostic tool used by OEM dealers to assess the condition of automotive batteries and charging systems. These highly advanced devices provide accurate and reliable test results, making them essential tools for technicians who need to quickly diagnose and repair vehicle issues. The testers are designed to test all types of lead-acid batteries, including flooded, AGM, and gel batteries, as well as assess the performance of the vehicle's charging system. They use patented conductance technology that provides quick and precise results, allowing technicians to quickly determine if a battery or charging system needs attention.

The Midtronics testers, are highly regarded by OEM dealers as essential tools in their workshop. Their accuracy, speed, and ease of use make them popular choices among technicians who need to quickly diagnose and repair vehicle issues.  The CPX and DSS models are BMIS (Battery Management Information System) compatible meaning that all results of every test can be recorded in real time for access and retrieval at any time to support decision making and Warranty programs.

Compliment Testing with capable Charging and Battery Support

Battery Chargers are also essential tools for any dealership workshop that services vehicles.  In addition to charging, some battery chargers also come equipped with diagnostic features that allow technicians to analyse the battery's state of health and detect any potential issues. These features include the ability to measure the battery's voltage, current, and temperature, as well as its state of charge and state of function. This information helps technicians to identify any potential issues with the battery, such as low voltage or abnormal charging rates, and take corrective action to resolve them.

The modern workshop requires more than just a Charger, but the function of Battery Support. An important feature of Battery Support Units (BSUs) for dealer workshops is their ability to support the reflash process. Reflashing is the process of updating or resetting the software in a vehicle's electronic control module (ECM), which is often required when performing repairs or maintenance. In electric and hybrid vehicles, the ECM controls various functions of the high voltage battery pack, including charging and discharging. As such, it's crucial to ensure that the battery is adequately supported during the reflash process to prevent any damage.

BSUs provide the necessary support during the reflash process, maintaining a stable power supply (constant voltage) to the battery pack while the ECM is being updated. This ensures that the battery is protected from any voltage spikes or fluctuations that can occur during the process, reducing the risk of damage to the battery or other components of the vehicle.

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