Large Workshops and OEM Dealerships

For workshops and dealerships that require complete diagnostics.

The DSS and CPX series testers are ideal for this application. It offers complete battery diagnostics including temperature measurement and deep scan testing. Furthermore, it can be accompanied with an amp clamp n which allows for enhanced alternator diagnostics as well as starter testing. The inbuilt communications platform allows for recording of results directly to our online platform or via email.

For complete solution, compliment these testers with the BMIS (Battery Management Information System) to record all test results and make available for reporting and retrieval at any time from anywhere.

Compliment your testing solutions with either the MCC-070 Charger capable of delivering Max 70A charge to multiple battery types using proprietary algorithms to provide the optimal charge scenario.

Looking for a Charger and Power Supply designed for showroom and support reflash applications, consider the MSP-070 Power Supply and Charger

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Car & truck workshops

Workshops servicing a mix of cars and trucks.


Small workshops, owners, operators

Small local workshop/owner operators servicing up to 10 vehicles per day.

Vehicles Workshop Maintenance

Larger workshops

Larger workshops servicing 10 – 20 vehicles per day.

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