Introducing MVT-AI Revolutionary Battery Diagnostics


Automotive, Electric Vehicles, telecommunications or stationary. Battery Testing, Charging and Monitoring to manage the complete life of your battery.


Innovative safe, fast and accurate
battery testing service
requirements. Now including


Service Charging for re-flash,
Brake bleeding and
Showroom support

We offer complete solutions for:

Complete Testing, Charging and Battery Support solutions to meet dealer network and warranty programs for OEM.

Roadside requires fast and accurate battery assessment to keep the customer on the road whether car, motorbike, 4WD, boat or caravan.

Regular testing of batteries improves battery service levels for your customers and leads to increased retail sales of batteries at time of service.

For consumers, business owners and institutions, the network is a constant running lifeline. From natural disasters to human error, when power is lost, mission critical backup systems must perform.

Rail operators understand the importance of the role of the signal operation in maintaining safety of the rail network, when power is lost backup systems need to operate.

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About Hotwire

Hot Wire have been Australian distributors of Midtronics products since 1997 and offering the ultimate source for pulse technology battery maintenance and testing systems. We offer products that will ensure peak battery performance and reduce battery-related costs on virtually every type of vehicle and equipment that uses a lead-acid battery.

Improve your battery performance

Improve customer service

Repairs or replace accessories

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