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Service Centre Testing and Charging solutions

Looking for a service tool which provides the service technician with fast accurate results and combining this with state of the art battery charging to provide full service solutions to your customers.

Improved customer service and reliability

Whether roadside or during regular services, battery performance and reliability can be improved using Midtronics testing and charging on all vehicle types.

About Hotwire

Hot Wire have been Australian distributors of Midtronics products since 1997 and offering the ultimate source for pulse technology battery maintenance and testing systems. We offer products that will ensure peak battery performance and reduce battery-related costs on virtually every type of vehicle and equipment that uses a lead-acid battery.

Improve your battery performance

Reduce your battery-related costs

Repair your Midtronics tester



Need a repair?

Own a Midtronics tester and require a repair? We are the exclusive authorised repair centre for Midtronics in Australia. Our workshop can supply you spare parts as well as a full repair centre. Most repairs can be made within 48-72 hrs. Please make an enquiry with what you need and our team will get back to you with the best solution.

Which product is right for you?

Hotwire has a range of Midtronics battery testers and chargers to match the needs and scale of the transportation and stationary service markets worldwide.

Transportation Applications

  • Cars / Light Trucks
  • Heavy Duty / Commercial
  • Marine
  • Motorcycles, Jet Skis

Stationary Applications

  • Telecommunications
  • Power Utilities
  • Data Centres
  • Motive Power (Rail)

Let us help you find the right tester for your business. Enquire today or click on the link below to find a product.

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