Hot Wire in conjunction with Midtronics offers the ultimate source for pulse technology, battery maintenance and testing systems

We offer products that will ensure peak battery performance and reduce battery-related costs on virtually every type of vehicle and equipment that uses a lead-acid battery.

Hot Wire Pty Ltd has been the local Australian distributor since 1997 for Midtronics products.

Innovation begins here

The leader in stationary power and transportation battery management, Midtronics provides critical power solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Serving the industry for over 30 years, we focus on developing partnerships with our customers.

Through our patented conductance-based technology and years of field proven research, Midtronics sets the standard for battery state-of-health management worldwide.

Quality & Patents

Midtronics is committed to a quality management system that continually improves our processes. Our goal is to provide products and services that our customers will regard as the most reliable and best value in the industry. Our team utilizes aspects of TQM, Cost of Quality, Lean, and Six Sigma, among other quality management tools, to provide a culture of continual improvement.

Midtronics is founded on innovation and technical expertise. The company’s 30-year history has produced a significant portfolio of patents and other intellectual property that is at the heart of new products and technologies for effective battery management.

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