Traction MPL50B Battery Charger


50A, 12v Battery Charger & Service Power Supply


The MPL50B charger from Traction Chargers has been designed with the latest JLR workshop standards in mind.

Suitable for most common battery types – Ca/Ca, Ca/Ag, AGM, GEL and conventional lead acid.

The MPL50B features Traction’s patented de-sulphation technology ensuring the battery is in peak condition before commencing charge.

As with all Traction Battery Chargers the MPL50B is manufactured at our own UK site.

The rectified DC output of the MPL50B achieves significantly higher standard of charge than its switched mode competitor.

MPL50B also features a 13.4V constant output mode for battery support functionality.


Patented Sulphation Recovery Program

  • Short Circuit shutdown without blown fuse

  • Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Soft start current control

  • Fast constant current bulk charge

  • 3-stage charging: CI-CV-Float

  • Constant voltage float/standby

  • Proportional timing – minimal gas emission

  • Independent overrun timer

  • Accurate zero-crossing voltage sensing

  • Flexibility – to match battery specification

  • Comes with 4.8M lead set and 2.4M power cord.


Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 280 × 260 × 260 cm
Battery Type

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Traction MPL50B Battery Charger