CELLTRON​ ​Advantage Digital

Suitable for: Telecommunications, UPS, Utility and Industrial Power Testing


Advantage - Icon - Accurate.psdACCURATE CONDUCTANCE TESTING
The conductance-based diagnostics provided by the CELLTRON™ Advantage delivers a highly accurate and reliable predictor of the battery’s end of life.

Advantage Digital - Icon - Noise Immunity.psdHIGH NOISE IMMUNITY

The powerful dual-microprocessor architecture allows the tester to stand up to the high noise environments caused by UPS/battery systems and constant power supply switching (notorious for causing testers to fail).

Advantage Digital - Icon - Signal Filtering.psdDIGITAL SIGNAL FILTERING

Cleaner, more precise battery state-of-health measurements are achieved through new “Edge Rejection” technology which filters out anomalies that can corrupt battery signal readings at both the beginning and end of each sample signal.

Advantage Digital - Icon - Wireless.psdWIRELESS COMMUNICATION

Built-in Wi-fi enables tester data to quickly and wirelessly be transmitted to and from the tester with no additional cards, cords, or hardware required. Wi-fi also enables over the air (OTA) tester firmware updates to keep up-to-date with the latest apps and tools.

Advantage Digital - Icon - Faster.psdFASTER TESTING TIMES

Testing is carried out in a matter of seconds simply by connecting the two test leads (either by clamp or probe) to the battery’s positive and negative posts.

Advantage Digital - Icon - Device Protection.psdDEVICE & USER PROTECTION

A fast-acting protection relay responds in milliseconds when a signal input in excess of 23.5 volts is introduced through the testing probes, providing instant protection to both the device and the user.

Application Compatibility:

  • Telecom & Communication Power
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Utility & Industrial Power
  • NERC PRC-005 Solution
  • Data, Healthcare, Education or Financial Institutions
  • NFPA 110 Solution
  • Conductance based diagnostics, proven effective for identifying and trending battery health
  • Highly efficient test processes: 50% reduction in test time compared to other battery analysers
  • Less invasive testing approach that reduces battery discharge, voltage measurement skew, and allows for more tests on a single internal battery without recharge
  • Full compatibility with Franklin Grid CELLTRAQ Battery Data Management System for simple and efficient data tracking, reporting, and decision making; data transfer via USB
  • Field software updates, including module add-ons
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167-000450 Celltron Advantage Digital User’s Guide PDF 18.87 MB
167-000450 006 CELLTRON Advantage (Legacy) Instruction Manual.pdf PDF 4.24 MB
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