Midtronics GRX-3000 Battery Charger & Power Supply

70A, 12v Diagnostic Switch Mode Charger


Diagnostic charger platform
The GRX-3000 diagnostic battery charger is a complete battery diagnostic solution from Midtronics. It combines switch-mode charging with Midtronics industry-standard battery diagnostics to ensure that any battery can be quickly and safely charged, no matter what level the technician.

Diagnostic charger platform For Safe, Fast, Simple Service

  • 70 Amp charging output
  • Various diagnostic routines
  • No sparks
  • Reverse polarity indication
  • Dedicated charge curves for all battery technologies
  • Power supply for programming
  • Charge acceptance detection
  • Expansion capability with various modules
  • Field exchangeable cables of 1.90 m
  • Temperature sensors in both clamps
  • SD card for data storage and future updates
  • USB connection for future updates

For Safe, Fast, Simple Service 
The GRX-3000 combines patented conductance technology with additional load testing capability and switch-mode battery charging capability to create a complete battery diagnostic station. The combination of conductance testing technology with charge acceptance allows GRX-3000 diagnostic chargers
to identify the difference between a battery that can recover in a given timeframe and one that won’t.

● Minimize warranty costs while maximizing workshop efficiency.
● Detect defective batteries quickly, so that no time is spent charging bad or weak batteries
● Continuously monitor the battery during the cycle, so good batteries get the right amount of
current to maximize charge acceptance and minimize charge time.
● Spot hard-to-find or masked defects during the charge cycle.

Weight 23.58 kg
Dimensions 71.2 × 71.2 × 35.6 cm
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