EXP-717, EXP-1000, EXP-1080

Automotive OE Expandable​ ​Platform
Automotive and Heavy Duty (HD)


The ​Advanced​ ​hand-held​ ​electrical diagnostic​ ​tool

The EXP-1000 Handheld Expandable Electrical System Tester enables you to accurately and decisively
diagnose every part of the electrical system, from the battery to the starter and alternator.

Automotive Application

  • 100 – 3000 CCA testing range
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Temperature sensor with deep scan technology
  • Advanced analyser
  • Digital multimeter
  • Data management tool
  • Data Card For Future Updates
  • Advanced Battery Testing
  • Advanced Starter Diagnostics
  • Advanced Alternator Diagnostics
  • Infra Red (IR) Printer
The EXP-1000 HD leverages the EXP platform for Heavy Duty and commercial Application

Unparalleled accuracy and flexibility for the heavy-duty and commercial fleet use.

  • 6 & 12 volt HD Commercial, all battery chemistries
  • 12 & 24 volt charging system diagnostics
  • Battery Pack testing for effective preventative maintenance
  • Multiple battery routine: 1-6 batteries included in the test process and on the printed test sheet
  • Special commercial battery algorithms for Group 31 batteries, 8D and 4D batteries
  • Truck v Automotive selections set application specific test parameters for system and cable drop testingNote: looking for OEM solution model, please contact Sales@hotwire.com.au for after sales support.
Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 40.7 × 17.8 cm
Battery Type

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EXP-1000 Manual


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