Midtronics DCA-8000P Diagnostic Charger & Support Unit

70A, 12v  Diagnostic Charger and (300 or 500A) simulation start load tester


Advanced diagnostic charging system featuring breakthrough core technology

  • Diagnoses most batteries in 2 minutes or less
  • Charges as fast as possible through continuous battery monitoring
  • Delivers the most accurate battery diagnostic technology
  • Detects battery failures due to advanced vehicle electronics
  • Supports automated over-the-air software updates and data analytics
  • Enhances productivity via intuitive touchscreen user interface


  • Dynamic Charge Acceptance
  • Optimized Charging
  • Configurable minimum / maximum voltage output in manual charge mode: 12.0 – 14.4 VDC in 0.1 V increments
  • Improved Charge Time Calculation
  • Up to 500A Load
  • Dual Temperature Sensors
  • Cold Battery Charging
  • Field-replaceable Cables
  • Corded and Wireless Barcode Scanner Options for VIN Capture

More Accurate Picture of True Battery Condition

Using the built in 300A (optional 500A) load, DCA-8000 mimics a start event and then charges the battery to verify the battery can support advanced vehicle system applications like start-stop.

This enables DCA-8000 to more accurately judge true battery condition.

Combined with Conductance Profiling™, DCA-8000 ensures service readiness for emerging vehicle systems, battery types, and new points of battery failure.

Weight 11.34 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 30.5 × 137.2 cm
Battery Type

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