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The very latest in professional testers
With an expanded test range that makes troubleshooting even easier than before, the PBT-300 series
represents the latest in the PBT battery and electrical system testers designed for the professional technician.

Expanded Test Range for Complete Electrical System Diagnostics

The PBT-300 brings even more of the power of Midtronics battery and electrical system testing
technology from the show to the palm of the technician’s hand.

Key features of the PBT-300

● Expanded measurement range from 100–1400 CCA
● Green and red LEDs give fast decisions on starter and charging system testing
● Starter system testing: pressing the down arrow displays the captured voltage from cranking the engine
● Charging system testing: pressing the up arrow displays the captured high voltage from the alternator

Weight 0.91 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 12.7 × 10.2 cm
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