xRC-3363 Rescue Charger

EV& Hybrid Rescue Charger

Safely jumpstart Hybrid vehicles to allow safe vehicle start

High-Voltage Hybrid Vehicle Rescue Charger

xRC-3363 Rescue Charger represents the third generation of Midtronics EV/HEV battery service tools, enabling technicians to quickly, efficiently and safely jumpstart hybrid vehicle high voltage batteries.

  • Charges hybrid vehicle high voltage batteries to a state of charge capable of turning over vehicle engine
  • Easy user interface and on-screen prompts guide accurate service
  • Compact footprint for more mobility within the shop



  • Max Voltage:  336 Volts
  • Charging Current:  3 Amps

Ease of Use

  • 5” color touchscreen with navigational pad
  • Ability for on screen guided cable connections
  • Consistent user interface across xEV platforms


  • Cell voltage/Pack temp monitoring during charge
  • Finger safe connections for all cables


  • WiFi/Bluetooth connected
  • Ability to send data regarding service with BMIS connection xRC-3363

Battery Management Processes

Midtronics products are designed to meet a variety of battery and electrical system service requirements, but selected features on individual products may make them a better fit for your unique service applications. This product is particularly well-suited for these battery management processes:


Rescue Charge to get customer vehicles back on the road faster

Rescue charge in hybrid vehicles is performed when a HV battery state of charge is too low to turn over the engine, a common scenario when technicians are working to diagnose vehicle issues.  The xRC-3363 acts as a jump start to recharge the HV battery to a point where it can turn over the engine.  These extra crank attempts allow technicians to identify issues so the vehicle can be repaired and returned to the road.

xRC Cart:

  • Compact, mobile cart for storage of xRC when not in use and easy maneuverability to vehicle when needed
  • Cable management brackets store all connection cables
  • Large wheels to navigate common obstacles in a shop environment
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