Conductance describes the ability of a battery to conduct current. In scientific terms, it is the real part o f the complex admittance. Various test data have shown that at low frequencies, the conductance of a battery is an indicator of battery state-of-health showing a linear correlation to a battery’s timed-discharge capacity test result. Trending this measurement can be used as a reliable predictor of battery end-of-life.
Trending is the preferred method. Taking a "snapshot" may not provide enough information required for a reliable health indicator or warranty administration. Unlike other testing techniques that require interpretation and mathematical calculation, conductance readings can be read instantly and can be related directly to the condition of the battery being tested. Midtronics testers also output a percentage of the reference with a pass/warning/fail threshold built in.
60% loss of conductance equates to 20% loss of capacity.
High temperatures make the conductance test result increase and cold temperatures have the opposite effect. However, Midtronics testers have a built-in temperature-compensated algorithm to prevent an error due to temperature. Most battery performance data is calculated at an optimal battery operating temperature of 25° Celsius.
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