​EXP-1000​ ​HD​ ​Heavy-Duty​ ​Expandable Electrical​ ​Diagnostic​ ​Platform

Fast,​ ​accurate​ ​testing​ ​for​ ​heavy-duty​ ​and commercial​ ​applications

  • 6 & 12 volt HD Commercial, all battery chamistries
  • 12 & 24 volt charging system diagnostics
  • Battery pack testing for effective preventive maintenance testing
  • Multiple battery routine: 1-6 batteries included in the test process and on the printed test report
  • Special commercial battery algorithms for Group 31 batteries, 8D, and 4D batteries
  • Truck vs. automotive selection sets application-specific test parameters for system and cable drop testing

The EXP-1000 HD from Midtronics was created specifically to provide unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in heavy-duty commercial/fleet applications.
EXP-1000 HD products apply EXP technology to specific testing needs for this market, including:

● Battery pack testing
● Multiple battery system routines for up to 6 batteries
● Special commercial battery algorithms
● Application-specific test parameters for system and cable drop testing

Battery Type

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EXP-1000HD Brochure



EXP-100HD Manual


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