xMB-9640 Module Balancer

EV & Hybrid HV Module Balancer

Module balancing for EV/HEV for pack alignment

xMB-9640 High-Voltage Module Balancer represents the third generation of Midtronics EV battery service tools, enabling technicians to quickly, efficiently and safely perform module-level balancing of EV and HEV batteries.

  • Balances battery pack modules to ensure optimal pack operation, safely and efficiently charging or discharging individual modules to bring the pack into alignment and enable a better customer experience
  • Easy user interface and on-screen prompts guide accurate service
  • Compact footprint for more mobility within the shop


  • Up to 96Vdc; 40 amps max
  • 5-inch color touchscreen and easy-to-use icon-based user menu
  • Automatic cable and module detection
  • Option to operate using either touch-screen or keypad
  • Cell voltage and temperature monitoring
  • CAN communication
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication


Module-level Service for Faster, More Cost-Effective Maintenance

With growing market acceptance of EV/HEV vehicles, the demand for high-voltage battery packs and longer range battery capacity will continue to grow. The xMB-9640 offers a distinct competitive service advantage, enabling shops to safely and accurately complete most module service in one work day.

By supporting module-level vs. full battery pack service, the xMB-9640:

    • Simplifies service
    • Controls manufacturer warranty costs
    • Decreases repair time
    • Reduces customer expense

Unboxing the xMB Module Balancer



Demonstration of xMB Module Balancer

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