Testing & Charging – diagnostic chargers combine conductance technology with advanced diagnostic capabilities to create a complete, flexible and expandable solution.


GR​ ​Series​ ​Diagnostic​ ​Battery​ ​Chargers

The​ ​Required​ ​Warranty​ ​or​ ​Service​ ​tool​ ​at​ ​most​ ​Vehicle​ ​OEMs​ ​and​ ​Battery Resellers

Midtronics GR series diagnostic chargers combine Midtronics Conductance Technology expertise with
EXP Battery and Electrical System Diagnostics to create a complete, flexible and expandable
diagnostic station.

VIDEO:​ ​For​ ​More​ ​Information
To learn the basics about how diagnostic charging works and the benefits it can deliver to your
business, watch this introductory video: Diagnostic Charging 101


Midtronics​ ​GRX-5100​ ​EV/HEV​ ​Battery​ ​Service​ ​Tool

The​ ​industry’s​ ​first​ ​high-voltage​ ​EV/HEV​ ​battery​ ​service​ ​tool

The Midtronics GRX-5100 Hybrid/EV Battery Station is the industry’s first high-voltage hybrid/EV battery service and
de-power tool for hybrid and electric vehicles.  Via simple user menu prompts, the GRX-5100 performs full battery pack service with fully controlled and automated processes, including:

  • Pack De-powering
  • Balancing
  • Charging

Midtronics​ ​GRX-3000​ ​Diagnostic​ ​Battery​ ​Station

Our latest diagnostic charger platform For Safe, Fast, Simple Service

  • Various diagnostic routines
  • No sparks
  • Reverse polarity indication
  • Dedicated charge curves for all battery technologies
  • Power supply for programming
  • Charge acceptance detection
  • Expansion capability with various modules
  • Field exchangeable cables of 1.90 m
  • Temperature sensors in both clamps
  • SD card for data storage and future updates
  • USB connection for future updates

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