HYB-1000 Hybrid Car Battery Tester

Safe diagnostics for hybrid vehicles

The Midtronics HYB Hybrid Battery Tester and Electrical System Analyzer helps you get into the Hybrid service business by providing technicians a safe, one-person test.

The HYB communicates to the vehicle OBD system using a wireless convergence module, which allows it to read the battery cell/block sensors while under the stress of accelerating and decelerating.


  • Assess the battery pack state of health in terms of conductance, which is related to battery capacity.
  • Quickly determine whether battery pack is getting weak.
  • Read and reset diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Perform simple functions quickly without having to monopolize their other complete diagnostic systems.


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For valuable information about how to diagnose electrical issues with hybrid vehicles, view the recorded Professional Tool and Equipment News webcast: Hybrid Service, co-sponsored by Midtronics and featuring the HYB-1000.
Originally aired December 21, 2010.