In the fast-growing hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) markets, Midtronics is leading the way by working closely with manufacturers to develop solutions that match the complexity of these new battery and electrical systems.

We received our first hybrid/EV-related essential tool order from General Motors to supply the SPS Programming Support Tool EL-49642 for 2-mode hybrid vehicle programming support in 2008.

In 2010, Midtronics launched the HYB-1000 -- the first Hybrid Battery System Analyzer for service technicians. Later that year, Midtronics delivered its first essential tool for an EV OEM -- the GRX-5000 EV Battery Module Diagnostic Station. The GRX-5000 enables technicians to perform cost-effective, module-level service on Li-on EV battery modules that are part of the Nissan Leaf battery pack.

The GRX-5100 Hybrid Battery Pack Diagnostic Station -- the industry's first high-voltage hybrid/EV vehicle battery service and de-power tool -- has completed initial field testing at General Motors, with full-scale production and shipping scheduled to begin before the end of 2012. The GRX-5100 will perform full battery pack service, including balancing, charging in no-start situations, and full de-powering after a severe collision to a safe level for storage, recycling or shipment.

Midtronics is committed to ongoing development of innovative new hybrid and EV service solutions for charging/discharging and diagnostics of other battery modules and full packs.

For cars and light trucks, Midtronics offers a full range of battery testers, chargers and electrical system analyzers. From inexpensive handhelds to comprehensive, sophisticated diagnostic charging equipment, Midtronics solutions ensure customer satisfaction by preventing problems and save dealerships, battery retailers and service garages money by reducing warranty claims. With proven performance statistics to back them up, it’s no surprise that our products are required tools for warranty management and preventative maintenance at worldwide.
Commercial transportation markets, which include heavy-duty trucks, fleets and construction equipment, present unique challenges based on the different batteries, battery systems and configurations and how the batteries and electrical systems function in those applications. Midtronics offers a range of solutions based on our work creating essential tools for vehicle manufacturers around the world. Preventative maintenance is important, because the cost of road service is so costly in terms of time, towing cost and lost customer confidence. Warranty management is important because of the size and cost of commercial batteries. Our diagnostic and charging products for these markets include battery pack testing, multiple battery routines for up to 6 batteries, special commercial battery algorithms, and application specific test parameters for system and cable drop testing. In addition, our products are tailored to the specific series and parallel systems found in different regions of the world.
Marine vehicles present unique battery management challenges. Featuring a variety of chemistries that include standard lead-acid, Gel and AGM, marine batteries are used in a wide range of applications from starting the engine, to providing power for accessories and electric motors. In addition, these batteries often go unused for long periods of time. Midtronics diagnostic and charging equipment provide unique algorithms and capabilities for marine starting batteries, multiple chemistries and multiple battery systems.
Powersports batteries, including those designed for motorcycles and personal watercraft, present unique diagnostics and charging challenges. These small batteries often don’t include ratings or clear markings, yet can be anything from dry-charge, factory-activated, flooded, or AGM technologies. Midtronics diagnostic solutions for these batteries include unique algorithms and testing by part number to help produce accurate results and improve battery management. Midtronics has developed and deployed essential tools for most motorcycle and powersports battery manufacturers worldwide.